Movie Review – Frozen

Frozen was released into Redbox yesterday, and as is a small tradition between the top floor condo dwellers, we jumped on it. We were expecting a fairly tacky, suspenseful “thriller” which would ultimately leave us none the better, but would not have wasted our time. We were mistaken, but in the best way possible.

Frozen turned out to be a first rate thriller, which left us cringing with jaws to the floor of how spot on so many of the sequences were. Being a fairly avid skiier/snowboarder, Frozen goes to the place which all adventurers are jokingly terrified of. What would you do if you were trapped on a ski lift hung high up in the air, with the possibility of being there for days? So many of the harsh realities the characters are faced with in the film is chilling to the core, and the cast really brought it in terms of acting skill and giving the appearance of true fear. The characters relate perfectly to anyone in the 18-28 year old range, and we found ourselves floored by the conversations the characters were having as being exactly what we would discuss if we were stuck in that situation on one of our ski trips.

Overall, Frozen will not fail to creep you out, especially if you enjoy hitting the slopes every once in a while. It’s definitely worth the Redbox fee of $1.08. So snuggle up next to your loved one, or your roommate if you have no other option, and enjoy all that is Frozen.

Sidenote: Slight bit of irony that Shawn Ashmore who played “Iceman” in the X-Men movies, is now playing a guy freezing to death on a ski lift…


Big XII South Football

The Biggest news of the Big XII South this weekend was the fall of the Longhorns to the UCLA Bruins. In a showdown between the #7 Longhorns and the un-ranked Bruins, the Bruins were able to pull off the upset…in Austin, Texas nonetheless. In the debate over which state produces the top football players with Florida, Texas, Ohio, California, and Oklahoma being in the mix, the score was settled in regards to California v Texas with over 80% of both teams being compiled of state natives respectively.

The story of the game was turnovers for UT and the strong rushing game displayed by the Bruins led by Johna Franklin. On the other hand, the rushing game for the Longhorns failed to ever gain liftoff with only 85 net rushing yards to the 264 and 3 touchdowns put up by UCLA. With UCLA having one of the weakest rush defenses in the NCAA it was a shock to see the Bruins defend the speed of Whitaker along with the rest of the Texas backfield. Although the quarterback for UT, Garrett Gilbert, did manage to gain 264 yards through the air, Gilbert and his receiving core only found the end zone once in 45 attempts, while the “Fresh Prince of Los Angeles” Kevin Prince only needed 9.

In my attempt to give an unbiased opinion (as Red Raider alumni) I believed at the start of the season the Big XII South Title was up for grabs between the University of Texas and Oklahoma University. With the coveted Red River Shoot Out next week at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Mac Brown and the Longhorns are going to have to go back to the drawing board and find a way to get the offensive front four to use their size to dominate smaller defensive lines, in order to allow Whitaker to reach the second level, and let him make the plays and take the pressure off the first year starter Garrett Gilbert. The now #21 Longhorns have their work cut out for them going up against an unbeaten Sooner team whose defense has managed to force and recover six fumbles along with six interceptions. Can the Longhorns turnaround and upset the Sooners or will Boomer Sooner take hold of the reins of the Big XII South?

Jimmy Eat World – Invented Review

Jimmy Eat World – Invented Album Review

If you know me, you know I like Jimmy Eat World. I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this album for almost 3 years. After a few listens, it is safe to say this album is going to need time to grow on me. When Chase This Light came out in 2007 I was not immediately impressed. It took the song “Here It Goes” to act as the gateway drug and turn me on to the rest of the album. Much is the same with boys from Mesa, Arizona’s 5th Studio Album. Invented shines hints of older J.E.W. but is different in almost every other way.
The opening track “Heart Is Hard To Find” is a catchy toe tapping ballad, with beautiful string accompaniment. This song sounds like it could have been a B-side off of Chase This Light. It is one of the better songs on the album.
The albums first single “My Best Theory” is probably my least favorite opening single from any J.E.W. album. This song does not immediately grab me like “The Middle”, “Pain”, and “Big Casino” originally did. Though, I did really enjoy the way they recorded this song with big layered guitar parts and vocal harmonies. It is one of the only radio friendly songs.
“Evidence” is one of the better songs from the start to finish on the album. They did a great job of making the drums the backbone of the song with light layered vocals on top. The solo/riff at the end is also pretty sick.
“High Devotion” sounds more like something off a brand new album than anything they have ever previously released
“Movielike” and “Coffee and Cigarettes” will please those that liked the album Bleed American.
“Stop” was previously released on an EP, the newer version is leaps and bounds better. It was written during Chase this Light which is why it sounds like it could have been on that album.
“Littlethings” is a very heartfelt song. Jim Adkins does a great job of singing the lyrics with meaning. I can add this one to the “songs to listen to while driving at night” list.
“Cut” is a big ballad, songs like this are what Jimmy Eat World is known for. If the record had 11 songs like this it would be my favorite J.E.W. album.
“Action Needs An Audience” you may ask yourself, “Who the fuck is singing?” It’s actually the guitarist Tom Linton. This is the first song he has sung on a record since Clarity‘s “Blister”. I personally don’t like it.
“Invented” resembles “My Sundown”. Very soft and emotional. However unlike “My Sundown”, it builds into something bigger heavier and better.
“Mixtape” is the first song other than “My Best Theory” that I listened to. Why? Because every Jimmy Eat World fan knows, the best song on the album is the last one. “Mixtape” did not disappoint, it is without a doubt my favorite song on the album. I heard YouTube clips of this song acoustic live, and it fueled the fire for making Invented my most anticipated album for 3 years. This song is in my top 5 of favorite J.E.W. songs of all time and that is saying a lot.
So far I give Invented a 7 of 10 high fives… but like every album I listen to, it’s an ongoing evaluation. One day this album may rub me a different way and catch me on some emotional level that changes my mind. I definitely recommend the purchase of this record.

Upcoming Music Fall 2010

So I have compiled a list of new music to look out for in the next few weeks. Listed from: Can’t f-ing wait, to what Andrew will make me listen to.

1. Jimmy Eat World – Invented, September 28th.

2. Kings Of Leon – Come Around Sundown, October 19th.

3. Chiodos – Illuminaudio, October 5th.

4. Bruno Mars – Doo-Wops & Hooligans, October 5th.

5. Senses Fail – The Fire, October 25th.

6. Ben Folds – Lonely Avenue, September 28th.

7. August Burns Red – Home (CD+DVD), September 28th.

Last but not least, for Andrew…

8. Seal – Commitment, September 28th.

– Huntles

New Music Review – Linkin Park

Linkin Park’s fourth major studio album was released last Tuesday, September 14th. I just got my hands on a copy of it and just listened to it for the fourth time through. To say that this album is different than any of the previous Linkin Park albums is an understatement. A Thousand Suns sounds very little like Linkin Park and is very hard to compare to anything I have heard before. It mixes a lot of sounds which I would describe as Industrial, Thematic, Worldly, Hip-Hop, Acoustic, and Rock.

The entire album runs only 48 min with a total of 15 tracks, but it feels as though you are taking a journey through musical influences from the last decade as well as influences which have yet to be discovered. They use “down time” very effectively, and 48 minutes in A Thousand Suns feels like an hour and a half in any other album. It is almost hard to believe you have heard everything you just heard in such a short amount of time.

The overall theme of A Thousand Suns is said to be “nuclear warfare”, and I believe they hit the proverbial nail on the head. The opening track with the auto-tuned little girl is ominous and intriguing all at the same time. Then the excerpts from great speakers such as Martin Luther King Jr., Robert Oppenheimer, and Mario Savio hits you over the head so you know you are headed into an album of a post apocalyptic nature. But aside from what type of music goes along with a post apocalyptic album we get tracks like “Waiting For The End” which not only highlights their vocal range but also gives an upbeat and almost hopeful feeling to the album.

A Thousand Suns is exactly what an artist like Linking Park needed. It gives listeners something new to listen to from an artist who has been very homogeneous in their last few albums. This album reminds me very much of 30 Seconds To Mars’ “This Is War”, who just won themselves a Moon Man for Best Rock Video with “Kings And Queens”.

Huntles Recommendation: Buy it, insert CD into car stereo for you next road trip and let play a few dozen times.

New Music Review – Jamie’s Elsewhere

Jamie’s Elsewhere is a new band which I have recently discovered, and immediately fell in love with their second studio album; They Said a Storm Was Coming. Their brutal yet technical (that’s for you Bruster), post hardcore, electronica style sucked me in like the great pit of carkoon. Jamie’s Elsewhere is from Sacramento, California, and are signed to Victory Records.

They originally formed in 2005 and later released their first album in 2008 called A Guidebook for Sinner Turned Saints. However, after releasing the album the band had a falling out and 4 of the 6 band members left the band. Leaving only Mike Spearman (keyboards) and Mike Scarpelli (guitar) to rebuild the band from the ground up. The band we hear in their second album is essentially nothing like the band from their debut album, the band has found their maturity in their vocals thanks to Aaron Pauley and they employ a great mix of singing with a scream that gives me goosepimples!

Huntles Recommendation – Buy it, Steal it, Ask Me for it. Just get it and enjoy all that is Jamie’s Elsewhere!

Jamie’s Elsewhere will be touring in Texas this weekend, Fort Worth 9/18, Austin 9/19, San Antonio 9/20, Midland 9/22