Jimmy Eat World – Invented Review

Jimmy Eat World – Invented Album Review

If you know me, you know I like Jimmy Eat World. I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this album for almost 3 years. After a few listens, it is safe to say this album is going to need time to grow on me. When Chase This Light came out in 2007 I was not immediately impressed. It took the song “Here It Goes” to act as the gateway drug and turn me on to the rest of the album. Much is the same with boys from Mesa, Arizona’s 5th Studio Album. Invented shines hints of older J.E.W. but is different in almost every other way.
The opening track “Heart Is Hard To Find” is a catchy toe tapping ballad, with beautiful string accompaniment. This song sounds like it could have been a B-side off of Chase This Light. It is one of the better songs on the album.
The albums first single “My Best Theory” is probably my least favorite opening single from any J.E.W. album. This song does not immediately grab me like “The Middle”, “Pain”, and “Big Casino” originally did. Though, I did really enjoy the way they recorded this song with big layered guitar parts and vocal harmonies. It is one of the only radio friendly songs.
“Evidence” is one of the better songs from the start to finish on the album. They did a great job of making the drums the backbone of the song with light layered vocals on top. The solo/riff at the end is also pretty sick.
“High Devotion” sounds more like something off a brand new album than anything they have ever previously released
“Movielike” and “Coffee and Cigarettes” will please those that liked the album Bleed American.
“Stop” was previously released on an EP, the newer version is leaps and bounds better. It was written during Chase this Light which is why it sounds like it could have been on that album.
“Littlethings” is a very heartfelt song. Jim Adkins does a great job of singing the lyrics with meaning. I can add this one to the “songs to listen to while driving at night” list.
“Cut” is a big ballad, songs like this are what Jimmy Eat World is known for. If the record had 11 songs like this it would be my favorite J.E.W. album.
“Action Needs An Audience” you may ask yourself, “Who the fuck is singing?” It’s actually the guitarist Tom Linton. This is the first song he has sung on a record since Clarity‘s “Blister”. I personally don’t like it.
“Invented” resembles “My Sundown”. Very soft and emotional. However unlike “My Sundown”, it builds into something bigger heavier and better.
“Mixtape” is the first song other than “My Best Theory” that I listened to. Why? Because every Jimmy Eat World fan knows, the best song on the album is the last one. “Mixtape” did not disappoint, it is without a doubt my favorite song on the album. I heard YouTube clips of this song acoustic live, and it fueled the fire for making Invented my most anticipated album for 3 years. This song is in my top 5 of favorite J.E.W. songs of all time and that is saying a lot.
So far I give Invented a 7 of 10 high fives… but like every album I listen to, it’s an ongoing evaluation. One day this album may rub me a different way and catch me on some emotional level that changes my mind. I definitely recommend the purchase of this record.

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