Homosexuality, Choice or Genetic?

In the recent weeks there has been an unfortunate string of suicides involving young homosexuals around the country. Seeing this in the news, both local and national, has made me question how someone so young can decide on their own sexuality. The one case that stands out to me involved a local 13 year old boy. The nature of the case is of no importance in this discussion, so with respect to the young boy I will not divulge the details, but my question is how can someone so young decide they are gay? Does it come down to a conscious decision or is it an innate genetic trait?

As a man of faith and science it is hard for me to fathom both the possibility of homosexuality being genetic or in a higher powers hands. By no means am I one to judge or condemn those who lead this particular life. I would not want anyone to judge my choices in life or arrive at preconceived ideals about me from my innate characteristics; like skin color, but I am curious as to the argument of those on the other side of this on going and probably never ending debate.

As a man of faith, I believe that God made woman from man, for man. Adam was in search of a partner/helper and none of the animals would suffice so God made Eve from Adam’s rib. In later books of the Bible it is written most plainly that homosexuality is forbidden by God. As a Christian I question; how can those who choose to lie with the same sex claim that they are born without any other option?  Are those who choose to enter same sex relationships not Christians or are they non believers of the Lord? If they are believers in God, what is their supporting argument behind what they claim to be unavoidable?

As a man of science, from an ecological standpoint, a species life-value is directly reflected from the amount of progeny or offspring produced. The purpose of an organism is to pass on the most successful traits that ensure survival to the next generation. Leading a homosexual lifestyle is non-advantageous to the human species as a whole. Why would the genome of a particular species evolve in such a way that is potentially detrimental to its existence. I am not saying that homosexuality is going to force humans into extinction, but from a scientific standpoint how can it be an innate characteristic?

With these arguments as my support I believe those who lead a homosexual lifestyle have chosen to do so. If you believe otherwise I would like to hear your thoughts. I began this discussion with the hopes that everyone’s thoughts could be heard and considered. I hope that with this discussion comes an understanding of why both heterosexuals and homosexuals have the beliefs that they do. But one thing I do know, is like it or not, more and more young homosexuals are gaining the courage to expose their lifestyle but may be too young to understand the burden that comes in tow. It is important that we as a society do not chastise those who lead this life. Under no circumstance is it okay to murder a young child, and although you may not physically end their life, bullying and emotional torture of LGBT teens means you might as well have been in the room with them at that fateful moment because your words will be.


Dubstep: a genre of electronic dance music, described by “tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals”. -Wiki

Now I was recently introduced to the genre of dubstep, a friend of mine (John Bergman) described the genre to me; showed me some examples and explained that I had probably been listening to dubstep type music for years only I never identified it as a separate genre of music until then.

So lately with my new found ability to separately identify dubstep, I have been exploring the genre and really getting into many of the more mainstream artists like: Rusko, Skream, Benga, and Burial. But then, like the gods of musical greatness descended upon me, I discovered a brand new album that incorporates the perfect mixture of dubstep and my guilty pleasure: pop-punk screamo rock.

There for Tomorrow is a band I have been listening to for a few years now, their music has generally been a cookie-cutter punk-rock sound which has earned them a respectable place among many of the other Warped Tour-esque bands of my generation. Now, as seems to be a trending topic, bands are reinventing their sound with new albums or singles to test the waters of different musical areas. And with this EP I love what they have come up with. Punk-Dubstep? On this new EP, correctly titled: RE:Creations, There for Tomorrow has come up with a fascinatingly clean sound; blending punk-rock, and a perfect amount of electronica to produce 7 tracks that will make your life just a little bit better.

I highly recommend giving this album a listen; if you enjoy pleasurable vocals, driving guitar ballads, and some brain melting electronic bass lines. I have posted a video below to give you a taste of their new sound, and if you are interested their EP is available on iTunes.

Why Wear Purple?

Yesterday was October 20, 2010. Just another day in the life right? That’s a big negative ghost rider, yesterday the pattern was full. It was full with one of the most significant actions taken on by the youth and the next generation, all of whom are about to become very influential in the next 5 to 10 years.

Yesterday had been dubbed Spirit Day across our nation, it was a day to honor the 6 teens who were bullied at home or at school and chose to end their own lives before their lives had really even begun. And the 6 which have been specified, and the countless more who remain unnamed, committed suicide because of their sexual orientation. So yesterday countless people wore purple in honor of their hardships. Hardships that should have never had to be taken on by a teenager in our “all accepting” society.

However, the question you are probably asking yourself is: “Hunter, why do you care so much about equality for LGBT people? You’re not gay.” And you would be correct in making such an assumption, but why shouldn’t I care? I have as much at stake in this world as someone who identifies as a homosexual. In fact, the idea of being a part of the group which pushed these teens to commit suicide hurts me more than the idea of coming out to my friends and family. Also, the idea of raising a child who could be a persecutor of the backward ideals of the “straight” majority, or become a victim if their life leads them towards the “gay” minority, scares the s$!t out of me.

We need to start taking drastic steps in order to correct this injustice. And my hope is that yesterday was the beginning, a turning point for our nation. A nation that has not fully accepted the change we have needed to accept for the last 30+ years. A nation whose children will continue to die unless something big happens. A nation who will look back on yesterday, and be proud to declare that yesterday, October 20 2010, was the day which began a movement to enact a change that stopped grotesque actions and treatment of our citizens.

If you are looking for answers, know someone who is looking for help, or are simply interesting in the movement, go to:


Graphic Novel Review: Mouse Guard Fall 1152

IVDUB prides itself in being a unique whole made up of unique individuals. Our people, scattered across the United States, have in this blog a way of adding their own unique flavor to IVDUB’s tasty recipe. With that said, it’s high time this group’s resident nerd added a sprinkle of geek to the mix. IVDUB members are known to be thoughtful and eloquent critics of music and movies, but this will be the organization’s first foray into a new realm of review: the graphic novel.

We begin with a look at the Mouse Guard series, created, written and drawn by David Peterson. This review examines Mouse Guard: Fall 1152, which marks the beginning of Peterson’s Mouse Guard work. The hardcover book collects what was originally a six-part comic series, adding an afterword along with some of Peterson’s original art and maps.

I had heard of the series several years ago and had always wanted to check it out. I was unable to find Fall 1152 in Lubbock (you have to start from the beginning!), but managed to grab a copy from Austin Books and Comics (which for a comic nerd is like a Krispy Kreme factory for a fat kid). I happily noted Continue reading Graphic Novel Review: Mouse Guard Fall 1152

If you have 8 minutes.

I saw this video on YouTube about a month ago, and I find myself fantasizing about it over and over again. If you have 8 minutes to watch one of the  single greatest drivers lay waste to a track in France, sit back and enjoy the show. If you think drifting is an overrated waste of time, rubber, and automotive advertising money give this video a try and I guarantee you will change your mind. Although I will admit the whole video is one big Ford Fiesta advert.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Ken Block

How to pull off “The Rally”

Let’s begin by defining exactly what a “Rally” is: ral-ly v. – 3.To rouse or revive from inactivity or decline

Urban Dictionary: Clawing your way out of the depths of drunken hell and rejoining the party in full-on pimp style.

Now my “Rally” consisted of a bit of both of these definitions, it goes as follows.

This last Thursday I was faced with a difficult decision. Should I go to SA for fall break or not?

Now let’s look at the circumstances surrounding my decisions: I have an 8 page paper due Friday before I can leave, which I have barely started. We are faced with a 6 hour drive through no man’s land and sleep is not an option, lastly, I know that once we are in San Antonio I must go out and continue to be social into the wee hours of the morning.

So what did I do?

Like any man I saddled up and went for it. But how does one accomplish so much? Well there are several guidelines which I will outline in the following paragraphs.

Continue reading How to pull off “The Rally”