Homosexuality, Choice or Genetic?

In the recent weeks there has been an unfortunate string of suicides involving young homosexuals around the country. Seeing this in the news, both local and national, has made me question how someone so young can decide on their own sexuality. The one case that stands out to me involved a local 13 year old boy. The nature of the case is of no importance in this discussion, so with respect to the young boy I will not divulge the details, but my question is how can someone so young decide they are gay? Does it come down to a conscious decision or is it an innate genetic trait?

As a man of faith and science it is hard for me to fathom both the possibility of homosexuality being genetic or in a higher powers hands. By no means am I one to judge or condemn those who lead this particular life. I would not want anyone to judge my choices in life or arrive at preconceived ideals about me from my innate characteristics; like skin color, but I am curious as to the argument of those on the other side of this on going and probably never ending debate.

As a man of faith, I believe that God made woman from man, for man. Adam was in search of a partner/helper and none of the animals would suffice so God made Eve from Adam’s rib. In later books of the Bible it is written most plainly that homosexuality is forbidden by God. As a Christian I question; how can those who choose to lie with the same sex claim that they are born without any other option?  Are those who choose to enter same sex relationships not Christians or are they non believers of the Lord? If they are believers in God, what is their supporting argument behind what they claim to be unavoidable?

As a man of science, from an ecological standpoint, a species life-value is directly reflected from the amount of progeny or offspring produced. The purpose of an organism is to pass on the most successful traits that ensure survival to the next generation. Leading a homosexual lifestyle is non-advantageous to the human species as a whole. Why would the genome of a particular species evolve in such a way that is potentially detrimental to its existence. I am not saying that homosexuality is going to force humans into extinction, but from a scientific standpoint how can it be an innate characteristic?

With these arguments as my support I believe those who lead a homosexual lifestyle have chosen to do so. If you believe otherwise I would like to hear your thoughts. I began this discussion with the hopes that everyone’s thoughts could be heard and considered. I hope that with this discussion comes an understanding of why both heterosexuals and homosexuals have the beliefs that they do. But one thing I do know, is like it or not, more and more young homosexuals are gaining the courage to expose their lifestyle but may be too young to understand the burden that comes in tow. It is important that we as a society do not chastise those who lead this life. Under no circumstance is it okay to murder a young child, and although you may not physically end their life, bullying and emotional torture of LGBT teens means you might as well have been in the room with them at that fateful moment because your words will be.

7 thoughts on “Homosexuality, Choice or Genetic?”

  1. A thoughtful and well written post, Corona. I have to say I remain torn on this issue. You bring up some very resolute and accurate points, from both sides of the equation. I do still believe that it is a combination of choice and some sort of natural predisposition (perhaps not simply genetic). I would be interested to hear what others had to say as well.

  2. A few thoughts from me in regards to your comments from the scientific standpoint. I would want to add the point that maybe homosexuality is a genetic predisposition in order to attempt to eliminate the homosexual “gene” because it is not beneficial to the species from a reproduction standpoint.
    With that said, it is unfortunate that like most things in our world there is no record as to the amount of homosexuals in the U.S. or in the world. So we really have no way to judge whether numbers are actually on the rise or if it just seems like the number of homosexuals is on the rise because it is becoming more socially acceptable.

  3. I think that homosexuality could definitely be innate. But predisposed or not, homosexual behavior is harmful to society because it creates a kind of solitary thinking that makes us less willing to be accountable in longterm relationships, especially with God. Counsel, love, guide and support the gay person and help him/her understand that it is not them, but the behavior that is wrong.

    1. I think it CAN create solitary thinking and CAN lead to a decrease in longterm relationship accountability (and often does) but not always. I believe a person will seek happiness, and if that is with a homosexual partner, so be it. If they create a poor environment for a child, or use their homosexuality as an excuse to lead a commitment-free lifestyle (in terms of faith or otherwise), then it is a reflection of poor character in the individual, not in the concept of homosexuality. I think that’s the point you were making: it is the individual’s behavior that is wrong, not the way they were “made.”

      1. The key sentence in your reply is the one about a person seeking happiness. It is the crux of the problem with homosexuality. To say ‘so be it’, shrugs off the responsibility of the individual to the greater good. If we all seek happiness with no regard to the consequences by responding ‘so be it’, then we have lost the ability to judge any kind of behavior as immoral. You can’t compartmentalize moral judgement.

  4. From a psychology stand point the entire issue is difficult to explain as well. Take a look at the views of evolutionary psychology. This field of psychology account for things as the functional products of natural selection or sexual selection. Day to day occurrences are looked at and explained in a way that would make sense based on the initial survival of mankind. For example, an elderly man marries a much younger woman; this would be explained saying that the man is looking for a woman who is so much younger because she is healthy, fertile and can carry his offspring. Based on the concept of evolutionary psychology, an idea that I can’t seem to account for is the idea that males have a natural desire to spread their seed to a healthy woman to ensure survival of his blood line. Obviously this cannot occur if one is a homosexual. The field even analyzes the anatomy of women to account for what men view as attractive and thus, look for in a mate. Evolutionary psychology may have an explanation for homosexuality, but based on what I do know it seems like this would be difficult to account for.

    Something else to consider; natural selection.

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