The CGI of Black Swan

When I saw Black Swan I definitely came out of the theater more struck with the story and simple impact of the finality of the film which I had just watched rather than the effects I had seen. I never gave much of a second thought to the computer renderings which made the film seem more real with the one exception of the black swan transition dance sequence. There had obviously been some work done in that specific scene to make the action come to life.

Usually we like to believe that most of what we are seeing is movie magic Continue reading The CGI of Black Swan

What can VEVO do for you?

When I first came upon VEVO, I had no idea what to think. It appeared to be alot like a site with YouTube videos embedded in it, and that was about all. As I continued to explore the phenomenon that is VEVO , I discovered that VEVO is actually it’s own uniquely branded source exclusively for music videos.

VEVO provides entertainment through their website, mobile apps (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android), and also through Internet TV providers such as Google TV and Boxee.

So what does this ultimately mean for you as a music consumer, and how does VEVO really impact you?

Well since we are in the days of YouTube, Vimeo, as well as music postings on,,, etc. You as the consumer have the option to watch music videos digitally through any source you wish. However, if you wish to have a dedicated app on your devices that is a one stop shop for high quality music videos; VEVO is the greatest option.

So go on, download the free app and listen to music until your ears bleed, or just have little smiley faces on their cochlea! Either way you will not be disappointed.

Also while you are there check out the 30 Seconds to Mars video – Hurricane (Director’s Cut) Exclusively on VEVO!

Brett Favre vs. LeBron James

Fellow IVDUB member Schultze actually sent me the link to this video a few days ago and it made my night. I have been meaning to share this with you all sooner but this was the first I’ve gotten around to it. I’m sure you have all seen the LeBron James “What Should I Do?” commercial, well now we have a great and worthwhile parody from “Brett Favre.” Below are both the original LeBron commercial followed by the Favre parody.


Original LeBron James Commercial:

“Brett Favre” Parody:

The Rediscovered IVDUB Archives!!

If you wish to see IVDUB at it’s earliest and greatest, you are more than welcome to check out a MySpace page we created in 2007. We used it to display our musical talents at the time. It is hilarious, sad, and revealing all at the same time, IVDUB before it had the IV and still used the 4!!

Just sit back and let the musicianship take hold…