New Music – March 2011

I have fallen behind in informing you all of the new music to look forward to in the upcoming months. So we will begin again with music being released in March, 2011.

March 1st:

Go Radio – Lucky Street

Forever the Sickest Kids – Self Titled

Dropkick Murphy’s – Going Out In Style


March 8th:

Lupe Fiasco – Lasers


March 15th:

Rise Against – Endgame

Matt Wertz – Weights & Wings


March 22nd:

Yellowcard – When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes

Panic! At The Disco – Vices & Virtues


March 29th:

Radiohead – The King of Limbs (CD release) digital available now

Sum 41 – Screaming Bloody Murder

Kickstarter, The New Business Loan

For the last few months I have become aware of a website, which is taking off quickly, built specifically for the uber creative who do not have the means to make their own ideas take off. Kickstarter is a website helping all of these people see their dreams come to reality, with the help of anyone who believes the project or product is worthwhile. Kickstarter works by giving the creator of the project or product the opportunity to ask for involvement from anyone who wishes to participate from the entirety of the Internet. If you stumble upon a project or product you wish to fund, you can choose an amount to give, and amounts usually correspond to some sort of reward you will receive if the project makes enough money. You pledge your amount and wait and hope that more people like you feel the project or product is worthwhile. The money is only given to the developer if the project gets 100% of it’s needed funding, if it does not receive 100%, the money is not given to the developer and the money you pledged is returned to you.

So if you have some extra cash, and your philanthropic side is itching to spend it, search kickstarter and find the project or product that appeals the most to you. You will find that there are projects is most major cities, and even projects in smaller urban areas. In Texas some of the most popular cities are Austin with 132 projects, Dallas with 38, and Houston with 38. Lubbock has only ever had 1 project, so lets see some Tech students with great ideas find some funding!

Some of my favorite projects so far have been the watchband to attach your new iPod nano to, the movie you could co-star in; if you pledged enough,  and the iPod speaker dock that looks like an air freshener for any outlet you want to play music from.

Last, if you have a project of your own and have been wondering how to get some seed money or if you just want to see if the general public will be interested, here is your opportunity!