Amazing Motorcycle Learning Experience – Austin Moto Academy

So a few weeks ago I decided to do something I have always wanted to do, learn how to ride a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle has always been something that was so enticing to me, however my father had done a great job of scaring me almost to the point of no return about ever getting on one. Since I was about 10 years old all I heard were the old horror stories of him and his buddies riding dirt-bikes then BAM! Broken neck. BAM! Broken soul. BAM! Crushed dreams… and so on and so forth. However this would be one battle he would not win.

I did some research and discovered that Austin Moto Academy Continue reading Amazing Motorcycle Learning Experience – Austin Moto Academy

Ken Block – Gymkhana Four, The Hollywood Megamercial

You can say what you want about sales, corporate branding and marketing; but Ken Block is a genius at all of it. I mean who at DC, Ford, or Monster would turn down an opportunity to feature their product on Ken Block while he drives around deserted Hollywood sets making a giant mess? No one, that’s who. And it is brilliant.

Ken Block spends 5 minutes driving around iconic Hollywood sets showing that he has perfected his skills, letting the Big 3 pay for his beautiful mess. It’s like Jackson Pollock on pavement. Beautiful Chaos. Speaking of Pollock, it appears DC took a cue from the late great artist and borrowed some Nickelodeon vomit to tag all things DC related in this video.

But more than the shear awesomeness of the driving and stunts performed in this video, Ken Block is essentially selling out while being completely honest about it. At first I thought the opening credits were a joke; turns out, they are. A joke aimed at anyone who has ever analyzed media effectiveness, branding, and viral videos. For it is those few who will watch this video, laugh, then be amazed when we see 15 teenagers sporting all that gear next time we are at the mall, or wherever teenagers congregate these days.

Lessons learned:

1. Let the big companies fund your ideas so you can have fun and make a mess.

2. Teens are, hopefully, still incredibly impressionable (when I say hopefully I mean that is what the Big 3 are betting on).

3. Marketing has evolved.

4. The Epic Meal Time guys don’t cook in a real kitchen. (Who knew this?)

Watch the video below and let me know your thoughts and comments.

Indie Movie of the Month: Bellflower

I came across this movie trailer today, and I was struck with a great idea for some new posts.

Indie Move of the Month!

If you live in or around any major metropolitan area there is most likely a small movie theater near you that screens mainly small budget, “Indie” flicks; as most people refer to them. In my experience, limited as it may be, these are the types of movies that I tend to enjoy the most. And usually, going on a cinematic adventure to an Indie film is a more memorable and personal experience.

This month I discovered the trailer for “Bellflower” a movie that released in only 2 theaters this last weekend and is already projected to be in over 500 theaters by September. Watch the trailer below and I will let you decide if you would rather see Bellflower or Spy Kids 19.