A IVDUB Christmas – August Burns Red Style

We have all seen plenty of those videos of people decking out their homes with lights and choreographed shows to Trans Siberian Orchestra songs or something similar. They have been on the news and we have all marveled at the sheer amount of time it must take to make something like that a reality.

And that is great! Good for all of you stay at home Dad’s and your exceptional Christmas lighting skills!

However, this year, I wanted to find someone who did things a little differently. The Roderique family put up their lights and decided to center their theme around August Burns Red’s cover of “Carol Of The Bells”.

And it is absolutely genius!

So grab a cup of hot coco and come watch this video during a commercial break of A Christmas Story. You know you all are watching it for your 4th time already.

Much love and Happy Holidays to all of you IVDUB Blog readers!

Something Everyone Loves – Sexy Italian Things – Fiat 500 Abarth

Being a communications graduate, one thing I am always in the mood for is a good advertisement. And if you know me, a provocative car advertisement does not get any better.

When I first came upon this video for the new supercharged Fiat, it implanted itself deep into my cerebellum and made me want to do all of the most American things I could image. Which are as follows:

  • Go out and buy a ridiculous car.
  • Imagine that this car would bring pleasure to my mundane lifestyle.
  • Have secret confidence that this car would attract a forceful ferocious foreign female (as depicted) and my life would change for the better. Like for forever.

But more importantly; after seeing this Fiat ad, it proves once and for all that you do not need to be JLo, a retired housewife, or, let’s be honest, a homosexual to own a Fiat 500. You just need to man up, learn how to properly handle a stick and go get some clutch action.

So good on you Fiat. Good on you. And men, if you are looking for a pint sized sport hatch, you need to look no further than your nearest Fiat dealer.

If you are not so much in the market for an unnecessarily awesome two door sports hatch, you can check out the great marketing ad from last years Toyota Minivan. For all you kid hauling dads out there.