Professionally Procrastinating with Neave Interactive

If you are looking for a fun site to help you procrastinate on this Tuesday, you should head over to Neave Interactive and mess around with his Flash creations.

My personal favorites are Imagination and Television.

I don’t know this Paul Neave person, but you will enjoy his work regardless of your age or occupation, and your bosses or teachers will not appreciate your lack of everything after you venture on over to his site.



People Flying From a Canyon Wall! Rope Swing

This is what happens when you never lose that sense of adventure we all had when we were 10 years old!! Oh, and the music and cinematography aren’t too terrible either!

Music by “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” – One of my favorite new artists!

Nicolas Cage on Nicolas Cage in SNL’s latest Weekend Update Skit

I have my friends over at GotchaMovies to thank for writing up a brief article on Nicolas Cage poking fun at himself with Andy Samburg on Saturday Night Live this last weekend.

If you haven’t read my previous praises for Nic Cage you should read my bad movie review on Drive Angry.

You can check out Nicolas Cage next in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, in theaters 2/17/12.

Somebody That I Used to Know (Cover) – True Musicianship at it’s Finest

Sometimes you come across something that should have been discovered much earlier. This is one of those videos.

This is an amazing video showcasing true musicianship at it’s finest. This band seems to be that magical combination of perfection in the form of five people who were all uniquely destined to make music together.

It’s like that one friend everyone has who has always been blessed with musical talent; and you wanted to hate them but really loved them for it. Well, if five of those people got together and each contributed to awesomeness in a music video this would definitely be the result.

Enjoy Walk off the Earth’s fantastic cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”.