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You came here for elucidation, did you not? For a cool drink to slake your thirst for answers; a glass of knowledge-water to extinguish the burning questions you have every time you see our time-honored symbol: IVDUB. And we know you’ve seen it – on Facebook, on a T-shirt, on Twitter, or on the back of countless motor vehicles. While a part of our identity is in our mystery, I will shed some light on who we are to ease your troubled mind.

IVDUB is an entity, something complex grown from something simple. In the Fall of 2006, a collection of very fated people gathered from all over Texas at the state’s premium educational institution, Texas Tech University. A guiding hand – celestial or otherwise – distributed the vast majority of these people along the west side of the 4th floor of Murdough residence hall. A couple others (no less important in starting what was to come) were delivered to key spots elsewhere on Texas Tech’s campus.

The friendships that blossomed during the Texas Tech school year of ’06-’07 were sincere in their meaning and glorious in their scope. Nearly everyone on the west side of Murdough’s fourth floor – which, through the enigmatic way people develop nicknames for places commonly visited, had come to be called “4 Dub” – became fast friends, along with the several others around campus. 4 Dub became the go-to place to hang out, and the accessibility of open dorm rooms and friendly atmosphere of the hall only promoted the growing companionships of the twenty-five-or-so freshmen. A special electricity was growing in the air; a profound sense of good “ju ju.”

The friendships and memories forged in 4 Dub during that fateful year were never forgotten, and as of this writing – four years later – nearly all of the friendships remain adamantly strong. Something very special happened over those four years. The men and women of 4 Dub began to use the title not simply as the name of a place, but the name of a people. Now “4 Dub” represented a group made up of individuals, a system of friendships, ideals never to be forgotten.

The members of this elite and mysterious group noticed something crucial in their time together: they almost all shared similar views on that unfortunately pervasive breed of “individual” at Texas Tech – the fraternity brother and sorority sister.

A handful of unsavory experiences with frat daddies and cookie-cutter sorority girls bred a healthy distaste for their expensive, unoriginal lifestyles amongst the members of 4 Dub. An idea began to form: why not form our [priceless] brotherhood into a “mock fraternity” of sorts? With that central idea as our motivation, IVDuB was born. Our first steps as a mockternity included the creation of our beloved symbols (Roman numerals I and V placed before the Greek symbols for Delta, Upsilon and Beta) and placement of the now-infamous stickers on the backs of our cars. We have continued ahead as an organization for years now with a simple rule as our guiding principle: That anyone can be a part of IVDuB and hang out, as long as they’re down to be open-minded, friendly, and have a good time.

A CRUCIAL NOTE: The members of IVDUB do not wish to convey that ALL members of fraternities and sororities are to be viewed in a negative light or perpetuate the exclusive mentality we find so unappealing. There are people in both fraternities and sororities that are awesome and worth knowing, and we want to make sure that’s understood. Anyone can hang out with us and have a good time, even if they’re a Delt, a Kappa, a Beta, a Tri, a Sig, a Fig or a Schmig. We don’t care who you are or what you look like as long as you want to have fun and you stay friendly. Remember that.

So now you have your answers. Your thirst has, for now, been slaked by an ice-cold serving of truth on the rocks. The choice before you now is how to react to what you’ve learned. Indignation? Disbelief? Cynicism? Our recommendation: Action. Seek us out. Follow the symbols, the gossip; the party. Find us and make friends. We hope you find us as easygoing and unique as we see ourselves. The only money you’ll have to pay for our friendship is for a beer if you lose a bet (and we definitely like to bet in beer). We’ll see you soon.

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