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Graphic Novel Review: Mouse Guard Fall 1152

IVDUB prides itself in being a unique whole made up of unique individuals. Our people, scattered across the United States, have in this blog a way of adding their own unique flavor to IVDUB’s tasty recipe. With that said, it’s high time this group’s resident nerd added a sprinkle of geek to the mix. IVDUB members are known to be thoughtful and eloquent critics of music and movies, but this will be the organization’s first foray into a new realm of review: the graphic novel.

We begin with a look at the Mouse Guard series, created, written and drawn by David Peterson. This review examines Mouse Guard: Fall 1152, which marks the beginning of Peterson’s Mouse Guard work. The hardcover book collects what was originally a six-part comic series, adding an afterword along with some of Peterson’s original art and maps.

I had heard of the series several years ago and had always wanted to check it out. I was unable to find Fall 1152 in Lubbock (you have to start from the beginning!), but managed to grab a copy from Austin Books and Comics (which for a comic nerd is like a Krispy Kreme factory for a fat kid). I happily noted Continue reading Graphic Novel Review: Mouse Guard Fall 1152