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“The Nightly News” Graphic Novel Review

When someone thinks about graphic novels or comics you usually have the preconcieved notion of a left to right, top to bottom type format with frame boxes to seperate the scenes. Jonathan Hickman completely kills that stereotype with his Nightly News Series.

Now, my experience in the graphic novel genre is very limited. It has mostly been a vague interest, spurred on by the recent slough of high budget motion pictures based solely on graphic novels. But as far as I can gather from the research I have done and my personal experience, Jonathan Hickman broke down barriers with his style in this series, both organizationally and graphically. Continue reading “The Nightly News” Graphic Novel Review

Graphic Novel Review: Mouse Guard Fall 1152

IVDUB prides itself in being a unique whole made up of unique individuals. Our people, scattered across the United States, have in this blog a way of adding their own unique flavor to IVDUB’s tasty recipe. With that said, it’s high time this group’s resident nerd added a sprinkle of geek to the mix. IVDUB members are known to be thoughtful and eloquent critics of music and movies, but this will be the organization’s first foray into a new realm of review: the graphic novel.

We begin with a look at the Mouse Guard series, created, written and drawn by David Peterson. This review examines Mouse Guard: Fall 1152, which marks the beginning of Peterson’s Mouse Guard work. The hardcover book collects what was originally a six-part comic series, adding an afterword along with some of Peterson’s original art and maps.

I had heard of the series several years ago and had always wanted to check it out. I was unable to find Fall 1152 in Lubbock (you have to start from the beginning!), but managed to grab a copy from Austin Books and Comics (which for a comic nerd is like a Krispy Kreme factory for a fat kid). I happily noted Continue reading Graphic Novel Review: Mouse Guard Fall 1152