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Nintendo + Joel McHale + Acute Viral Awareness = Pure Honest Humor

Marketing for our generation has been rough, we have grown up in an age bombarded by marketing attempts at

every turn. Some find traction and take off; other fail miserable and we look back a year later and laugh at how ridiculous it was.

Viral videos have found traction and are now being exploited everyday so products and services can build up identity “overnight” by being associated with this famous person or that asinine clip.

Lately a shift has been taking place where we are demolishing the “third wall” and are blatantly screaming at the audience about how stupid they are for believing in viral marketing or rewritten screenplays for a quick laugh and a quick buck in today’s marketplace. The even crazier thing is it’s working! This viral ad along with studio films such as “21 Jump Street” are carving a new path where we are pointing out the obvious to the audience and then reinforcing the point to make them believe they truly aren’t being tricked. Genius.

People Flying From a Canyon Wall! Rope Swing

This is what happens when you never lose that sense of adventure we all had when we were 10 years old!! Oh, and the music and cinematography aren’t too terrible either!

Music by “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” – One of my favorite new artists!

Nicolas Cage on Nicolas Cage in SNL’s latest Weekend Update Skit

I have my friends over at GotchaMovies to thank for writing up a brief article on Nicolas Cage poking fun at himself with Andy Samburg on Saturday Night Live this last weekend.

If you haven’t read my previous praises for Nic Cage you should read my bad movie review on Drive Angry.

You can check out Nicolas Cage next in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, in theaters 2/17/12.

Indie Movie of the Month: Bellflower

I came across this movie trailer today, and I was struck with a great idea for some new posts.

Indie Move of the Month!

If you live in or around any major metropolitan area there is most likely a small movie theater near you that screens mainly small budget, “Indie” flicks; as most people refer to them. In my experience, limited as it may be, these are the types of movies that I tend to enjoy the most. And usually, going on a cinematic adventure to an Indie film is a more memorable and personal experience.

This month I discovered the trailer for “Bellflower” a movie that released in only 2 theaters this last weekend and is already projected to be in over 500 theaters by September. Watch the trailer below and I will let you decide if you would rather see Bellflower or Spy Kids 19.

Bad Movie Review – Drive Angry

So it was nearly a year ago that I was inspired by a personal hero of mine, Safari Bob, to begin exploring all that bad movies have to offer. Safari Bob was a professor of mine in the fall of 10′ and we connected through our simple love of bad movies. He is much more dedicated than I, you can check our his bad movie blog here, however; from time to time I take a trip to the wild side of awesomely bad films. This month “Drive Angry” was my little stay-cation to explore the glory that is Nicolas Cage.

After putting a lot of thought into how to describe Drive Angry to the public I decided that this film is like Nick Cage’s “Machete”. To give you a scope as to the level of bad assery in this movie; within the first 16 minutes there is: Horsepower, Blood, Explosions, Nudity, Heartbreak, Supernatural Suspicion, and more Blood. All topped off with some fantastic one-liners from Nick himself. If you are a man, or just simply awesome, you will find yourself amazed that they could fit all of those things into the first 16 minutes of the film. What is even worse/better is it leaves you wanting more and more for the last hour or so, even though your bad movie appetite was satisfied early on.

Drive Angry obviously had a very large budget and it ranks towards the top tier when it comes to production value and overall awesomeness. The amount of money that went into making this film is what separates it from most of the other bad movies that people like Safari Bob cherish, at the same time, it is good to see that there are filmmakers in Hollywood willing to pour funds into a movie that is destined to become a classic in its own right, thus fueling the fire for more and more bad movies to be made.

If you are looking for a bad movie to dip your bad movie toe into to test the waters, start with a movie like this. Its large budget makes it entertaining enough but also bad enough that it will let you know what you are in for when you step up, or down, into the next level of bad movie such as “Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus“.

Drive Angry is available in Redbox for $1 rental.

30 Seconds To Mars – Hurricane (Director’s Cut)

In the last few years 30 Seconds To Mars has been know to be the band to beat when it comes to fantastically visual and high budget music videos. The 3 member band has been taking their fans and viewers on epic journeys in their videos, from Chinese temples, to the streets of LA filled with hipster cyclists. As the videos have become more and more elaborate, there has been speculation that they are spending money in the millions to create their 12 minute average length music videos, and their questionable director Bartholomew Cubbins; Jared Leto’s directorial alias taken from a Dr. Seuss character. Continue reading 30 Seconds To Mars – Hurricane (Director’s Cut)

Movie Review – Frozen

Frozen was released into Redbox yesterday, and as is a small tradition between the top floor condo dwellers, we jumped on it. We were expecting a fairly tacky, suspenseful “thriller” which would ultimately leave us none the better, but would not have wasted our time. We were mistaken, but in the best way possible.

Frozen turned out to be a first rate thriller, which left us cringing with jaws to the floor of how spot on so many of the sequences were. Being a fairly avid skiier/snowboarder, Frozen goes to the place which all adventurers are jokingly terrified of. What would you do if you were trapped on a ski lift hung high up in the air, with the possibility of being there for days? So many of the harsh realities the characters are faced with in the film is chilling to the core, and the cast really brought it in terms of acting skill and giving the appearance of true fear. The characters relate perfectly to anyone in the 18-28 year old range, and we found ourselves floored by the conversations the characters were having as being exactly what we would discuss if we were stuck in that situation on one of our ski trips.

Overall, Frozen will not fail to creep you out, especially if you enjoy hitting the slopes every once in a while. It’s definitely worth the Redbox fee of $1.08. So snuggle up next to your loved one, or your roommate if you have no other option, and enjoy all that is Frozen.

Sidenote: Slight bit of irony that Shawn Ashmore who played “Iceman” in the X-Men movies, is now playing a guy freezing to death on a ski lift…