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Ken Block – Gymkhana Five – Ultimate Urban Playground

These videos just continue to get more and more fun!!

Call Me Maybe – Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders (Cover)

If you have known me the last few weeks you will know how much I have been a big fan of this song. Now, it has become perfect…

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Cover “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen.

People Flying From a Canyon Wall! Rope Swing

This is what happens when you never lose that sense of adventure we all had when we were 10 years old!! Oh, and the music and cinematography aren’t too terrible either!

Music by “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” – One of my favorite new artists!

Ken Block – Gymkhana Four, The Hollywood Megamercial

You can say what you want about sales, corporate branding and marketing; but Ken Block is a genius at all of it. I mean who at DC, Ford, or Monster would turn down an opportunity to feature their product on Ken Block while he drives around deserted Hollywood sets making a giant mess? No one, that’s who. And it is brilliant.

Ken Block spends 5 minutes driving around iconic Hollywood sets showing that he has perfected his skills, letting the Big 3 pay for his beautiful mess. It’s like Jackson Pollock on pavement. Beautiful Chaos. Speaking of Pollock, it appears DC took a cue from the late great artist and borrowed some Nickelodeon vomit to tag all things DC related in this video.

But more than the shear awesomeness of the driving and stunts performed in this video, Ken Block is essentially selling out while being completely honest about it. At first I thought the opening credits were a joke; turns out, they are. A joke aimed at anyone who has ever analyzed media effectiveness, branding, and viral videos. For it is those few who will watch this video, laugh, then be amazed when we see 15 teenagers sporting all that gear next time we are at the mall, or wherever teenagers congregate these days.

Lessons learned:

1. Let the big companies fund your ideas so you can have fun and make a mess.

2. Teens are, hopefully, still incredibly impressionable (when I say hopefully I mean that is what the Big 3 are betting on).

3. Marketing has evolved.

4. The Epic Meal Time guys don’t cook in a real kitchen. (Who knew this?)

Watch the video below and let me know your thoughts and comments.

Brett Favre vs. LeBron James

Fellow IVDUB member Schultze actually sent me the link to this video a few days ago and it made my night. I have been meaning to share this with you all sooner but this was the first I’ve gotten around to it. I’m sure you have all seen the LeBron James “What Should I Do?” commercial, well now we have a great and worthwhile parody from “Brett Favre.” Below are both the original LeBron commercial followed by the Favre parody.


Original LeBron James Commercial:

“Brett Favre” Parody:

If you have 8 minutes.

I saw this video on YouTube about a month ago, and I find myself fantasizing about it over and over again. If you have 8 minutes to watch one of the  single greatest drivers lay waste to a track in France, sit back and enjoy the show. If you think drifting is an overrated waste of time, rubber, and automotive advertising money give this video a try and I guarantee you will change your mind. Although I will admit the whole video is one big Ford Fiesta advert.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Ken Block

Big XII South Football

The Biggest news of the Big XII South this weekend was the fall of the Longhorns to the UCLA Bruins. In a showdown between the #7 Longhorns and the un-ranked Bruins, the Bruins were able to pull off the upset…in Austin, Texas nonetheless. In the debate over which state produces the top football players with Florida, Texas, Ohio, California, and Oklahoma being in the mix, the score was settled in regards to California v Texas with over 80% of both teams being compiled of state natives respectively.

The story of the game was turnovers for UT and the strong rushing game displayed by the Bruins led by Johna Franklin. On the other hand, the rushing game for the Longhorns failed to ever gain liftoff with only 85 net rushing yards to the 264 and 3 touchdowns put up by UCLA. With UCLA having one of the weakest rush defenses in the NCAA it was a shock to see the Bruins defend the speed of Whitaker along with the rest of the Texas backfield. Although the quarterback for UT, Garrett Gilbert, did manage to gain 264 yards through the air, Gilbert and his receiving core only found the end zone once in 45 attempts, while the “Fresh Prince of Los Angeles” Kevin Prince only needed 9.

In my attempt to give an unbiased opinion (as Red Raider alumni) I believed at the start of the season the Big XII South Title was up for grabs between the University of Texas and Oklahoma University. With the coveted Red River Shoot Out next week at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Mac Brown and the Longhorns are going to have to go back to the drawing board and find a way to get the offensive front four to use their size to dominate smaller defensive lines, in order to allow Whitaker to reach the second level, and let him make the plays and take the pressure off the first year starter Garrett Gilbert. The now #21 Longhorns have their work cut out for them going up against an unbeaten Sooner team whose defense has managed to force and recover six fumbles along with six interceptions. Can the Longhorns turnaround and upset the Sooners or will Boomer Sooner take hold of the reins of the Big XII South?