Photo Blog of Awkward Andy

“Cali-fourth of July”

These photos were captured while Awkward Andy found some time for relaxation in the golden state this past holiday weekend:

Hung out with Spielberg, no big deal.

Yes, he even found the HOLLYWOOD sign!

Made an exceedingly awkward video at the beach.

“Burgers for the Boys!”

If you know anything about IVDUB it is probably that we have many traditions; all of which we try to carry out on a weekly basis. This semester one of our new found passions is to travel down to one of our favorite local watering holes and purchase a little item called the $5 burger and beer. On Thursday nights Rocky LaRue’s hosts a dinner special and for $5 you get a beer, a burger, and fries. There is not a better deal in Lubbock! Of course it is also one of Awkward Andy’s favorite pastimes.

Awkward Andy at SXSW

Last week, Awkward Andy was able to get out of Lubbock and take in some of what Austin has to offer. As you can see from the  photos below, he took full advantage of his time out in the big city.

After getting in touch with the local beverage of choice he found himself magically surrounded by beautiful young women…

Later, a fight began as to who would take Andy home. Neither Andy or myself did anything to settle the dispute…

As you can see Awkward Andy lived up his SXSW experience! And of course more adventures to come soon!


First of all, I would like to thank all of you for your contributions, you all are making this photo blog  our most successful section of the site! After a unanimous selection process (involving post-it’s and a pasta strainer) we have chosen a name for our site mascot:

Awkward Andy – suggested by Jeff Smith

Keep an eye out for new pictures documenting the adventures of Awkward Andy!


Here is a new picture of (insert name here) for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully this will give you a better idea of who (”   “) is and his crazy antics.


In this section of the blog, I will be employing all of your help. This section will follow the adventures of the IVDUB blog mascot. The help I am immediately asking from all of you is to help me name our nameless hero. Please leave comments with your submissions and I will choose a winner in about 2 weeks. Thanks in advance and good luck!

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  1. You know it’s funny, I have been compiling a list of awesome names for just such an occasIWHIPMYHAIRBACKANDFORTHIWHIPMYHAIRBACKANDFORTH

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