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Nintendo + Joel McHale + Acute Viral Awareness = Pure Honest Humor

Marketing for our generation has been rough, we have grown up in an age bombarded by marketing attempts at

every turn. Some find traction and take off; other fail miserable and we look back a year later and laugh at how ridiculous it was.

Viral videos have found traction and are now being exploited everyday so products and services can build up identity “overnight” by being associated with this famous person or that asinine clip.

Lately a shift has been taking place where we are demolishing the “third wall” and are blatantly screaming at the audience about how stupid they are for believing in viral marketing or rewritten screenplays for a quick laugh and a quick buck in today’s marketplace. The even crazier thing is it’s working! This viral ad along with studio films such as “21 Jump Street” are carving a new path where we are pointing out the obvious to the audience and then reinforcing the point to make them believe they truly aren’t being tricked. Genius.

The (Almost) Invisible Mercedes

This video blew me away as it encompassed all of the major interests in my life. Automobiles, Technology, Marketing, and Future Green Tech.

This is a great marketing ploy by Mercedes to get people interested in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology, personally what I believe to be our next huge leap forward as far as renewable transportation technology. Now if only we can get the automotive and oil companies to release their death grip on the rights to this technology that will spell the end of the big oil company control of this planet. <endofsoapbox>

Something Everyone Loves – Sexy Italian Things – Fiat 500 Abarth

Being a communications graduate, one thing I am always in the mood for is a good advertisement. And if you know me, a provocative car advertisement does not get any better.

When I first came upon this video for the new supercharged Fiat, it implanted itself deep into my cerebellum and made me want to do all of the most American things I could image. Which are as follows:

  • Go out and buy a ridiculous car.
  • Imagine that this car would bring pleasure to my mundane lifestyle.
  • Have secret confidence that this car would attract a forceful ferocious foreign female (as depicted) and my life would change for the better. Like for forever.

But more importantly; after seeing this Fiat ad, it proves once and for all that you do not need to be JLo, a retired housewife, or, let’s be honest, a homosexual to own a Fiat 500. You just need to man up, learn how to properly handle a stick and go get some clutch action.

So good on you Fiat. Good on you. And men, if you are looking for a pint sized sport hatch, you need to look no further than your nearest Fiat dealer.

If you are not so much in the market for an unnecessarily awesome two door sports hatch, you can check out the great marketing ad from last years Toyota Minivan. For all you kid hauling dads out there.

Ken Block – Gymkhana Four, The Hollywood Megamercial

You can say what you want about sales, corporate branding and marketing; but Ken Block is a genius at all of it. I mean who at DC, Ford, or Monster would turn down an opportunity to feature their product on Ken Block while he drives around deserted Hollywood sets making a giant mess? No one, that’s who. And it is brilliant.

Ken Block spends 5 minutes driving around iconic Hollywood sets showing that he has perfected his skills, letting the Big 3 pay for his beautiful mess. It’s like Jackson Pollock on pavement. Beautiful Chaos. Speaking of Pollock, it appears DC took a cue from the late great artist and borrowed some Nickelodeon vomit to tag all things DC related in this video.

But more than the shear awesomeness of the driving and stunts performed in this video, Ken Block is essentially selling out while being completely honest about it. At first I thought the opening credits were a joke; turns out, they are. A joke aimed at anyone who has ever analyzed media effectiveness, branding, and viral videos. For it is those few who will watch this video, laugh, then be amazed when we see 15 teenagers sporting all that gear next time we are at the mall, or wherever teenagers congregate these days.

Lessons learned:

1. Let the big companies fund your ideas so you can have fun and make a mess.

2. Teens are, hopefully, still incredibly impressionable (when I say hopefully I mean that is what the Big 3 are betting on).

3. Marketing has evolved.

4. The Epic Meal Time guys don’t cook in a real kitchen. (Who knew this?)

Watch the video below and let me know your thoughts and comments.