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Walk off the Earth – Stubb’s Austin – June 2nd!

So you may remember my post from a few months back talking about the incredible cover of Somebody That I Used to Know that a band called Walk off the Earth covered. Well if you have been itching to see them ever since like I have and you are going to be in the Austin, Texas area tomorrow evening you should go out around 7:00-ish and see them play at Stubb’s. Info HERE!

I have personally never seen these guys but they look like they would be a lot of fun to see live and definitely worth the super cheap ticket price of $15. Video below if you need a refresher.

Somebody That I Used to Know (Cover) – True Musicianship at it’s Finest

Sometimes you come across something that should have been discovered much earlier. This is one of those videos.

This is an amazing video showcasing true musicianship at it’s finest. This band seems to be that magical combination of perfection in the form of five people who were all uniquely destined to make music together.

It’s like that one friend everyone has who has always been blessed with musical talent; and you wanted to hate them but really loved them for it. Well, if five of those people got together and each contributed to awesomeness in a music video this would definitely be the result.

Enjoy Walk off the Earth’s fantastic cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”.