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Hunter Temperton

Hunter graduated from Texas Tech University in May of 2011 with a BA in Communication Studies and a Minor in English. His focus was in Corporate Organizational Communications and he is currently playing on the Internet with AdExcite in Austin, TX. Hunter is one of the founding fathers of IVDUB and co-creators of the blog.


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Garrett Bruster

Garrett grew up (along with many members of IVDUB) in the beautiful Hill Country area of Texas. A founding father of IVDUB and a co-creator of this blog, Garrett began to attend Texas Tech University in the Fall of 2006, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. Garrett is currently enrolled in graduate school at TTU in the school’s well-respected College of Mass Communications. Along with participating in IVDUB’s wide variety of activities and social events and being an active member of TTU Club tennis,  Bruster also enjoys reading, writing, video games, and poorly-crafted humor.

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Daniel Ryan Corona

Daniel aka Ryan in the professional realm aka Corona in the personal realm is an alumnus of Texas Tech University, he is currently pursuing his Masters in Forensic Science at Texas Tech in Lubbock. He is not only a founding father and co-creator of this blog but also serves as the official Athletic Director of the IVDUB TTU chapter.

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Chase McBryde

Chase graduated from Texas Tech in May of 2011 with a BA in Communication Design; with a focus in Graphic Design. He is a founding father of IVDUB, he is an original 4th floor resident as well as original roommate of Hunter Temperton. He has co-curated with art galleries in the Lubbock area; as well as an avid sculptor and long-board fabricator. Chase lives in Pittsburgh, PA and is pursuing new and exciting opportunities in the printing and toy making fields.

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Justin Schultze

Justin Schultze is to awesomeness as Charlie Sheen is to winning. They both come extremely naturally to each. After being recruited by the founding members of IVDUB Justin found himself as the female recruitment officer, scouring the Lubbock social scene in search of new talent to bring back to the IVDUB lodge. Though some campaigns would end in failure <see ferngully> Justin’s trials and tribulations with the ladies of Lubbock no doubt played a part in teaching future IVDUB members what should and should not be done to pick up a lady. Justin graduated from Texas Tech University with a BBA in Marketing in August of 2010 and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia as a chemical broker.

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